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About Ideal :

Founded in 1995, with an experience of more than 27 years in the industry. We are one of the branded innerwear manufacturers in Tiruppur, Tamilnadu. we believe that every one in a family be it a Mother-Father, Brother-Sister, Husband-Wife to the little infants of the house has the right to own their desired inner wears.

Ideal Inner-wear is an iconic, irresistible, and innovative inner-wear brand founded with an earnest intent to empower families. We firmly believe that shopping for quality and comfortable inner-wear should not be a complicated process.

Ideal Inner-wear was established in 2006 with a fantasy to go beyond. Beyond constrained choices. Beyond everything, families were utilized to. At Ideal Inner-wear, we reexamine undergarments, we understand about every outerwear, we reevaluate, plan and innovation by investing hours to make each and every piece. We make a family feel delightful in short order.

Products Variety : 

Mens Premium Vest Rn, Premium Vest Rns, Gym Vest Rn, Premium Brief Ie, Premium Brief Oe, Royal Brief Oe, Rio Trunks Pocket Ie, Rio Trunks Pocket Oe, Rio Trunks Without Pocket Oe, Rib Back Patti Trunks Oe, Fine Back Patti Trunks Oe.

Womens : Jar Plain Panties Ie, jar Plain Panties Oe, Jar Print Panties Oe, 2 Pcs Angel Plain Panties Ie, 2 Pcs Angel Plain Panties Oe, 2 Pcs Jass Print Panties Ie, 2 Pcs Jass Print Panties Oe , Tights Ie, Mini Slip, Cute Slip, Adjustable Slip.

Kids/Boys : Teddy Vest, Junior Gym Vest, Junior Royal Brief, Nice Jetty Ie, Nice Jetty Oe .

Kids/Girls : Junior Tights Ie, Puppy Slips,Bloomer Jetty Ie, Bloomer Drawer Ie, Cute Frill Oe .

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